Friday, April 5, 2013


Floor at the Santa Fe Teen Arts Center
in Santa Fe, NM
I should have taken a stand here long ago (online that a muralist), but it's been said that it's better late than never, so I'm taking the floor...
Another Floor at the Santa Fe Teen Arts Center in New Mexico
 This blog is meant for you ...for the ease of the viewer/client.  I have been reluctant to post a site or blog in the past because I've always preferred face to face contact.   I am happy to finally start a blog dedicated to my mural art.  After nearly 15 years of designing and painting murals to say it's overdue would be an understatement. My hope is to provide a convenient place for folks to view some of my past work and to also to provide updates on my latest mural happenings.  If you are here, reading this now...please know that I am grateful for your visit and if we were face to face I would ask you loads of questions.  It would be my hope (in talking with you) to learn more about your interest in murals and hopefully gain insight about your specific, unique visions and dreams.
So I start at the bottom. One of my favorite discoveries over the years has been my love for the art under toe..the artistic floor...

Floor, Santa Fe, NM

Hobbit Floor
Map of Middle Earth for Peacock Players in New Hampshire

Into The Woods floor for Peacock Players in New Hampshire
I hope you'll join me on this new virtual path and explore the sites that my murals bring.
Thanks for your gaze...there's much more to come.

(over the past decade  I've painted over 300 murals
 I'm just now getting them online, so check back as I add more images to this post)